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Whether you're a college student tackling academic assignments or a budding writer exploring the realms of creativity, WL101's suite of powerful writing tools and comprehensive guides is designed to unlock your full writing potential. From the efficient Pomodoro Timer to keep you focused and productive, to the Word and Character Counter ensuring your writing meets the mark, and the innovative Duplicate Word Finder enhancing clarity and style – WritingLab101 has you covered

WritingLab101 - Pomodoro Timer

WritingLab101 Pomodoro Timer


Boost your writing productivity with our Pomodoro Timer! Stay focused and organized during your writing sessions with this time management technique. Set work intervals of 25 minutes, followed by short 5-minute breaks, and longer 15-minute breaks when needed. The built-in alarm bell keeps you on track and reminds you when it's time to switch tasks. Enhance your writing flow and tackle your essays with renewed energy.

WritingLab101 - Word and Character Counter


Word and Character Counter

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Make sure your essays meet the required word limits and stay on point with our Word and Character Counter! Paste or type your text, and instantly see the total word count and character count, including spaces. Stay concise and avoid lengthy tangents while crafting compelling essays. Whether you're working on college assignments or creative writing, this tool helps you keep your writing in check.

Duplicate Word Finder


Duplicate Word Finder

Eliminate unnecessary repetitions and enhance the clarity of your writing with our Duplicate Word Finder! This tool scans your text for words longer than four letters and highlights any instances where a word is repeated twice. Identify and revise redundant phrases to make your essays more concise and professional. Craft compelling arguments and maintain reader engagement by ensuring your words pack a powerful punch.