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Tashana Powe is an aspiring author, owner and creator of WritingLab101.

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Interesting article - AI helps translate some of the world's oldest writing

Cuneiform is one of the earliest writing systems in human history. Archaeologists have traced it back to 3400 BC, a whopping 5,400 years ago. It also lasted for a pretty long time, over 3,000 years. Researchers have found thousands of texts written in cuneiform in the Sumerian and Akkadian languages — now, they’ve trained a neural network that can translate these texts into English effortlessly.

The Akkadian language is one of the earliest known Semitic languages, a family that includes modern

Georgia Museum of Art debuts expanded contemporary collection

From July 17 to December 5, 2021, the Georgia Museum of Art will share modern works of art in the exhibition “Neo-Abstraction: Celebrating a Gift of Contemporary Art from John and Sara Shlesinger.” “Neo-Abstraction” highlights the resurgence of abstract art among contemporary artists, including an early spin painting by Damien Hirst and a photographic abstraction by Walead Beshty. Cutting-edge art like Sarah Braman’s “Coexist,” a striking juxtaposition of commonplace objects, will be on view alo
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