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Cousins in dialogue: Ronald Lockett and Thornton Dial Sr.

American folk art often provides an intimate glimpse into lives and communities as seen by the artists themselves. More often than not, these artists do not receive formal art training, as was the case for both Ronald Lockett (1965 - 1998) and his older cousin Thornton Dial Sr. (1928 - 2016). Positioned far from the influences of the Harlem Renaissance in the Northeast, Dial’s work features objects found near his home in Alabama. Dial symbolically depicts themes including social injustice, the c

Georgia Museum of Art debuts expanded contemporary collection

From July 17 to December 5, 2021, the Georgia Museum of Art will share modern works of art in the exhibition “Neo-Abstraction: Celebrating a Gift of Contemporary Art from John and Sara Shlesinger.” “Neo-Abstraction” highlights the resurgence of abstract art among contemporary artists, including an early spin painting by Damien Hirst and a photographic abstraction by Walead Beshty. Cutting-edge art like Sarah Braman’s “Coexist,” a striking juxtaposition of commonplace objects, will be on view alo

Seascapes: The Universal Thalassa of Indian Ocean World History

When approaching the study of oceans from a historical perspective, some modern historians
now distance themselves from the idea that oceans served no other purpose apart from trade
network system and a means to transport bodies from one place to another. These archaic narratives often cast the ocean as the backdrop of an event, rather than a vast, bustling “interregional
arena” with its monologue to share upon history’s global stage.1 By departing from former
themes, historians propose focusing instead on the influences of geography, community, culture
and pre-modern globalization on what is now known as the Indian Ocean World (IOW).